Reported by: WYOU News
Tuesday, Oct 23, 2007 @04:30pm EDT
BLAKELY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY- A Lackawanna County fire fighter is now a fire victim after an early morning blaze in Blakely. That blaze was ruled arson by a State Police Fire Marshal.

An addition being put on a home at 320 Third Street caught fire this morning around 5:30. Only charred framework of that addition is left while the siding melted on a neighboring home.

Ironically the house under construction belongs to Blakely Fire Chief Tim Fanning, who is living elsewhere during the construction. "While I was getting up for work, I heard the pops. Being I only live a block and a half away from the fire here, I started down the road when the pager went off and here it was. It was my house. It's under construction, we're moving back into our family homestead and doing some construction work. My house is gone now," said Fanning.